About the online CEF-ESTIM training kit

How can teachers estimate the materials they are preparing for their language classes in relation to the Common European Framework of Reference? The online CEF-ESTIM training kit provides a grid, examples and guidelines to apply to classroom activities and texts targeting the range of A2 to B2 levels.

This document is designed to assist languages teachers in estimating and recording the level of individual texts and teaching materials according to the reference levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages of the Council of Europe.

The CEF-ESTIM Grid targets several user groups: originally designed for teachers working at secondary school level, it provides samples at A2, B1 and B2 levels. However, users at other levels and working in other contexts may also benefit from it. Teacher educators and disseminators are obvious potential users.

What is its added value?

  • The CEF-ESTIM grid provides help in estimating the overall level of a course, in planning lessons according to the CEFR levels and for sharing class preparations within a team of teachers;
  • The online version is easy to use and can be saved.


 Download the CEF-ESTIM Grid

 Download the description form (if you are going to record several materials, please download the CEF-ESTIM description form)



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