Monique Reichert

Monique Reichert 
Surname                                       Reichert

First name                                     Monique

Address for correspondence              E-mail  

Nationality                                     Luxembourger
Affiliation with educational networks/associations
ADMEE: Association pour le développement des méthodologies d'évaluation en éducation en Europe
Work information
Main activities and responsibilities

Monique Reichert is working as a research associate at the EMACS Research Unit of the University of Luxembourg.

She is involved in the Luxembourgish School Monitoring Project, where her main responsibility lies in coordinating the test conception and item writing processes. She took part in international projects such as in
•    Building a European Bank of Anchor Items for Foreign Language Skills (EBAFLS);
•    Pour le multilinguisme: Exploiter à l’école la diversité des contextes européens;
•    Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).


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