The project coordinator, Claire Tardieu took part in a project consisting in analysing the CEF and producing a construct, then a grid under the leadership of Charles Alderson (Lancaster University), as member of the following team: Neus Figueras (Département d'Education, Catalonia), Sauli Takala (University of Jyväskylä, Finland), Henk Kuijper (Cito, The Netherlands), Guenter Nold, (Institut de Pédagogie, University of Dortmund). She had the opportunity to make use of the Dutch Grid and to train French partners in using it in the context of the EBAFLS project, financed partly by the Council of Europe, partly by a group of 8 countries.
See Dutch CEFR Grid
See Mapping the Dutch Foreign Language State Examinations onto the Common European Framework of Reference, José Noijons, Henk Kuijper, Cito, 2006.

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