Aim and specific objectives

To encourage teachers to refer to the CEF in their teaching practice by providing them with a simple tool
Specific objectives
  1. To adapt the Dutch CEFR Grid to a wider use.
The Dutch Grid was originally designed for European testers i.e. a relatively small target audience. The purpose of our project is both to simplify the grid and to enlarge the target group – so that not only testers or exam-makers but also all sorts of ordinary foreign language teachers may benefit from it. 
  1. To experiment the CEF-ESTIM grid.
The experimentation of the CEF-ESTIM grid will take place during the workshop through concrete application to listening and reading material.
  1. To produce a training kit easy to disseminate.
The expert team will collect and analyse the results of the experiment and finalise the CEF-ESTIM training kit to be found on the CELV website along with the final report.


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