CEFR - level estimation grid for teachers

The CEF-ESTIM grid helps teachers link their class activities to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) levels. It is an offspring of the DUTCH CEFR Grid project led by J. Charles Alderson (Lancaster University) providing an online tool for testers and exam makers. The CEF-ESTIM grid addresses wider perspectives aiming at productive and interactive use of language in the classroom.

The CEF-ESTIM grid has been designed for teachers who would like some help in planning lessons and in implementing the CEFR in teaching. It is a simple tool and caters for sharing experience and ideas with other teachers. It allows for creating archives of class materials, thus making it easier for a team of school teachers to collect a bank of activities linked to the CEFR levels through a qualitative validation procedure.

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The online CEF-ESTIM training kit provides a grid, examples and guidelines to apply to classroom activities and texts targeting the range of A2 to B2 levels.
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