Background to the CEF-ESTIM project

This website results from a project run within the ECML's (European Centre for Modern Languages) Empowering Language Professionals programme entitled "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - level estimation grid for teachers".

Abstract of the project
This project aims at disseminating the CEF level estimation grid known as the Dutch CEFR Grid among foreign language teachers in Europe.
The Dutch CEFR project was led by Charles Alderson (Lancaster University) and financed by the Dutch government. The outcome of the project, apart from publications in magazines, was an online tool in two skills: oral and written comprehension, meant for testers and exam-makers. Users are also provided with a training module.
The new project assumes that other users as teacher trainers and teachers could benefit from the Dutch Grid in an adapted version. The CEF-ESTIM Grid could be used more generally, either to estimate the level of a text or the level of a task or of the combination of the two, in the ordinary context of teaching practices.
In Phase 1 (2008) the project will aim at adapting the Dutch Grid through expert group work and experiencing the CEF-ESTIM grid in a workshop. It will include familiarisation with the CEFR descriptors and parameters referred to in the Grid and application of the dimensions to texts and recordings. The workshop participants will be asked to bring materials for estimation.
Phase 2 (2009) will consist in producing a training kit to use the CEF-ESTIM grid including sample material (recordings and texts). The expert group will also provide a Final report on recommendations and strategies for further dissemination.
The project team
Claire Tardieu

Claire Tardieu: Coordinator
IUFM Paris

Raili Hildén

Raili Hildén
University of Helsinki

Magda Lehmann

Magda Lehmann
University of Pécs 
Department of English Applied Linguistics
Monique Reichert Monique Reichert
University of Luxembourg,
Unité de recherché EMACS (Educational Measurement
and Appliıed Cognitıive Science)

The CEF-ESTIM website results from the work of an international network established within one of the ECML projects. We would like to thank all who worked on CEF-ESTIM, in particular the project coordination team for their motivation and active involvement.



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